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Project Management involves coordinating people and resources to complete projects within the specified time and with the required specifications and quality.

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Project Management is about mobilizing people and resources to get something done within a certain time (scope), according to the requested specifications and quality. Simple, yet at least 30-50% of IT projects fail. Often because the previously mentioned components (people, resources, scope, specifications, quality or time) change or because people are or are not motivated.

Of course, I cannot prevent business or management from “blowing off” a project. I am a Project Manager who is very alert when changes occur in the mentioned components and who pays particular attention to the people in the project, very focused on a motivated project team.

Some examples of realized project management assignments:

  • Project Data Center, responsible for the migration from the European to the global data center;
  • Project JDE Benelux (ERP), responsible for the implementation of JD Edwards in Benelux;
  • Project Centralization Infra, responsible for the migration from decentralized infrastructure to centralized;
  • Project Infrastructure, responsible for the renewal of the infrastructure of a branch;
  • Project SOx Compliancy, responsible for the application and management of international (SOx) and internal guidelines for financially critical application, which were audited annually by internal control and/or the external auditor;
  • The “Process” program aimed to transform a consolidated ICT organization of 2,500 employees into a single process, working method and tool. As a result of the program, the ICT organization achieved CMM level 2 (plus various parts of level 3) according to IT Service. This also led to new improvements on the way to CMM Level 3.

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