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Interim management is a specialized service in which an experienced professional temporarily assumes a leadership role within an organization to address specific challenges, transitions, or projects.

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Are you looking for of a manager for a specific assignment or as temporarily replacement?

There can be different reasons for hiring an interim manager. Your company has a need for extra or specific knowhow when deploying a new strategy, organization or culture. But it can also be a need replacement or bridging a gap.

I can deliver this interim management expertise. In addition to knowledge and experience, a professional appearance, a flexible attitude, a pragmatic approach and a creative mind form the basis of my services. Delivering added value to your business by not only doing things right, but also doing the right things.

Some examples of realized interim management assignments:

  • Operational line responsibility (up to 35 FTE) of various disciplines (such as support, analysis, test and development);
  • Professionalization and optimization of a service management and development department in terms of service provision and efficiency using methodologies such as Lean, Agile and SCRUM;
  • Realizing a new department/discipline “management and support of workstations and servers” within an existing ICT organization with new personnel. The existing organization was still fully focused on central management of mainframes and applications;
  • Audit (investigation) Service Management carried out in which existing processes and organization were scrutinized on the basis of existing documentation, interviews with employees of various departments (at both ICT and business);
  • Guidance of escalations and crisis teams, responsible and authorized to act in ICT-related situations that threatened the continuity of the business;
  • Various management assignments related to a bridging due to illness, leave or departure.

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